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  • Active Outdoor SPF30 50ml (1.70 fl.oz.)

    Active Outdoor SPF30 50ml (1.70 fl.oz.)
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    The Active Outdoor SPF30 is ideal for use during prolonged and intense sun exposure, where the gentle Snowberry Everyday SPF15 is designed for lower sun exposure, all year. Like the Everyday SPF15, the Active Outdoor SPF30 is completely natural, but unlike most natural sunscreens, feels so much lighter and does not whiten the skin. Snowberry sunscreens are certified broad spectrum protection, which means they protect against both UVB and UVA light. The ‘SPF30’ means protection against UVB (the rays that cause sunburn) for 30x the burn time if a sun product was not applied. How is the Snowberry SPF30 different and better? First, it uses several sun blocks as opposed to chemical screens, the main one of which is Zinc Oxide. Zinc Oxide is a naturally occurring, chemically inert mineral, which is used at a particle size that is sufficiently small to give it a clear appearance on the skin, but which is above Nano particle size. Snowberry’s Active Outdoor SPF30 and Everyday SPF15 are also much better for the environment. Many traditional sun screens contain parabens, cinnamates, benzophenones and camphor derivatives – all of which are considered responsible for damaging coral reefs (University research indicates that upwards of 4,000 tonnes of sun screen products are washed onto coral reefs around the world every year, and are contributing to coral bleaching). Says Snowberry Founder, Soraya Hendesi, “We simply won’t use these ingredients.”

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    Active Outdoor SPF30 50ml (1.70 fl.oz.)
    Active Outdoor SPF30 50ml (1.70 fl.oz.)
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