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  • Everyday SPF15 50ml (1.70 fl.oz.)

    Everyday SPF15 50ml (1.70 fl.oz.)
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    Proper sun protection is absolutely safe and it isn't chemical, says Soraya. This means it doesn't contain any chemical screens, parabens, or nano particles. Snowberry's Everyday SPF15 is completely natural, with that deliciously light, clear texture that you will love on your skin. And Everyday SPF15 is a certified broad spectrum sun protection product, which means that you are being protected against both UVB and UVA light. Many dermatologists warn against moisturisers with added SPF because product is generally not used in sufficient quantity to provide even minimal protection, and may not be certified to sun care standards. Perhaps you feel you need a sun protection factor higher than 15? According to dermatologists, SPF15, properly applied will give much better protection than SPF50 that is not, and research shows that the higher the SPF rating, the less product most people use (you may not know that SPF15 provides about 93% protection against UVB, and surprisingly, SPF30 provides just 4% more). So, it is more in how you use your product, than its rating that is important. You should also know that ‘SPF15’ means you have protection against UVB only (the rays that cause sunburn), for 15x the burn time if you weren’t wearing a sun product. Because ‘SPF’ is not a measure of protection against the more dangerous UVA light, Snowberry’s Everyday SPF15 is also certified under the internationally recognised Boots Star system to provide good UVA protection (see the 3-Star logo on the box). Apply liberally, 20 minutes before exposure and repply regularly (2 hours) and especially after swimming or sweating. Be safe!

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    Everyday SPF15 50ml (1.70 fl.oz.)
    Everyday SPF15 50ml (1.70 fl.oz.)
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