A huge skin care breakthrough!

A huge skin care breakthrough!
This is what we have been waiting for! The new delivery technology that ensures that the active ingredients that skin needs can actually enter into the skin. And here it is. The green dots, like stars in a night sky, are peptides viewed through the microscope, after they have passed through the skin's epidermis. Proof positive and a very exciting stage in the development of the Super Serum...

As a consumer of anti-ageing skin care, you know that you want to see the appearance of lines and wrinkles diminished. And you want your skin to be healthier and more radiant. You don't want Botox and you don't want dermal fillers. You don't want promises of 'miracle' ingredients and you don't want a celebrity being paid stupendous amounts of money to say they use this product. And you don't want a product claiming it works because '8 out of 10 women saw a difference.' You want a superior natural serum that uses the best of science that can also be scientifically validated.

That is what Snowberry's science team has been doing for six years and that sprinkling of green stars is a crucial step forward. It is why, the Snowberry science that resulted in the wonderful New Radiance Face Serum with CuPEP, has now been published in the international Journal of Aging Science (Badenhorst et al., J Aging Sci 2016, 4:3). That's why we say, Snowberry is simply better skin science! 



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