Jannet is our third 'Snowberry for Life!' Winner

Jannet is our third 'Snowberry for Life!' Winner
Our third 'Snowberry for Life Winner!' hails from New Plymouth. She is Jannet Angelo - a devoted grandmother and keen gardener who also loves cooking! Greg Billington, Snowberry general manager, presented Jannet (centre) with her Deed of Gift at Urban Edge Beauty, owned by Emily Hayward (right).

Jannet Angelo said she opened her email and thought, "This is amazing! Am I seeing things!" She asked her husband to read Snowberry's advice that she had won a Lifetime of Snowberry and he said, "you've hit the jackpot girl." But, she said, "I'm still trying to get my head around it."

Jannet was introduced to Snowberry at Urban Edge Beauty in Highlands Park in New Plymouth by beauty therapist, Emily Hayward. "Emily recommended that I try the Smoothing Eye Serum and I was very impressed, so I extended to the New Radiance Face Serum and the Nourishing Rich Day Cream. And the Night Cream is also great."

Jannet has worn make-up all her life but since she has been using Snowberry, she says she is using make-up less and less and said that she feels that pretty soon, she won't bother with it at all. She said that in the past she's used skin care that made her skin flare but has never had an issue with Snowberry. She's also used some of the most expensive creams in the market but she's always wondered, "is it really doing anything? It's an awful lot to pay if it isn't."

Retired two years ago, Jannet is very busy with her grandchildren but she loves cooking and gardening. And now she says, her husband will have no excuses. She intends to have Snowberry's sunscreen protecting him every day.

Emily Hayward opened her new salon in Highlands Park in New Plymouth 18 months ago. She said she selected Snowberry after a great deal of investigation and has been delighted with the range. "With Snowberry I find, you don't need to use much product, so it goes a long way and the price points are very good too." She said that her customers are hooked. "At first, people tend to be a little sceptical, like Jannet," she laughed, "but once they've tried it they're very keen."

Emily said that she was a little concerned when Farmers stocked Snowberry but said that if anything, it had probably helped her business because she offered a service that Farmers can't, but its presence in Farmers boosted the brand's credibility. 



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