Super Serum Update #2

Super Serum Update #2
What makes Snowberry's new Super Serum different from the New Radiance Face Serum? In fact, what makes the Super Serum different from just about any other anti-ageing skin care product?

The cool thing about science is that it is really the only way we can learn about how things really are. It's how we know what we do about the Cosmos. It's how we know much about how plants and animals work. For that reason, in Snowberry, we celebrate science. It's why we spend year on year investing in original skin science because we have a mission - and that mission is to make anti-ageing skin care products that you can use with complete confidence - knowing not only that they are completely safe, but that unlike so many skin care products, they actually work! And that's what the Super Serum is about. An anti-wrinkle breakthrough that will also help to smooth and clarify skin at any age. That's an exciting goal and we're really very close. Snowberry's Chief Scientist, Dr Travis Badenhorst and his team at the University of Auckland, have just made just that kind of breakthrough.We have learned how to ensure that the superior active ingredients that a truly effective serum must have, will be available to your skin! More to come - but in the meantime, make sure you've entered 'Snowberry for Life!' on Snowberry's homepage, and may be you will be one of three New Zealanders who win a Lifetime Supply of Snowberry! 


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