The Secret is sort of out...

The Secret is sort of out...
Snowberry is developing a Super Serum, and yes, someone is going to win a Lifetime supply of Snowberry!

Secrets are funny things aren't they? Mostly because they're so hard to keep! And most especially, when they're about something really exciting that you just want to share with everyone! So, our Secret is kind of least Kerre McIvor of Newstalk ZB winkled it out of our General Manager, Greg Billington, so it's hard to call it a secret anymore. So I guess I should just tell you what it is. We are developing what we think of as a 'Super Serum.' This is a really extraordinary anti-ageing product that we are confident will be even better than the New Radiance Face Serum. And how will we know? Because as soon as our Chief Scientist, Dr Travis Badenhorst and his team finish the formulation (which is Top Secret), we'll put the Serum through a gold standard clinical trial. We believe that this Super Serum will do things no skin care product has ever done before. And it doesn't rely on gold dust and it won't cost you the earth! But I can't tell you any more at the moment - but I will update you soon. In fact, now that the Secret's out, we'll update you all the way to launch! We don't think that's ever been done before - and that's exciting too. And when? Sometime earlyish next year...

But there's one other thing. Kerre challenged Greg to offer a 'really nice prize' to be associated with the Serum. You might say that Greg rose to the challenge...anyway, he offered a Lifetime Supply of Snowberry to someone who guesses the Super Serum's launch date! Good grief! Do you know how much that's worth? A lot!! But now we have to work out how to do this. With a legal Deed of Gift and certain conditions and things like that. So, I can't say anymore right at this moment - but I'll keep you posted as soon as we know. I can't wait!!

Yours, Soraya 



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