• So Easy Makeup Remover 130ml (4.40 fl.oz)

    So Easy Makeup Remover 130ml (4.40 fl.oz)
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    All Snowberry cleansers help to protect the skin's natural barrier function and that's just as important for your makeup remover as it is for any other cleansing product.

    Unfortunately, some makeup removers aggressively strip the skin of important natural lipids and the acid mantle, both of which are essential components of the skin’s natural protective barrier. So Easy Makeup Remover will remove stubborn makeup but will not harm the skin’s barrier function in any way, and so constitutes a very important step in any anti-ageing beauty routine.So Easy Makeup Remover contains no aggressive surfactants or other skin-drying agents and is ideal for all skin types from early teens onwards. Think of it as your more affordable alternative to Snowberry’s luxurious Instant Deep Cleanser, but note that for general deep-pore cleansing, the So Soft Cleanser or the Gentle Cleanse & Tone should be used.

    So Easy Makeup Remover contains a soft, coconut-derived surfactant, and an extract of kanuka honey, which British clinical research has indicated is instrumental in helping to reduce skin redness.


    Read our blog post about the benefits of Kanuka honey in skincare products.




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    So Easy Makeup Remover 130ml (4.40 fl.oz)
    So Easy Makeup Remover 130ml (4.40 fl.oz)
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