• Smoothing Eye Serum 15ml (0.50 fl.oz.)

    Smoothing Eye Serum 15ml (0.50 fl.oz.)
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    Eye skin is ten times thinner than skin on the face and consequently is more susceptible to fine lines, and also to unsightly 'bagging.' It becomes quite apparent that eye skin requires different and specialised skin care.

    The perfect and gentle complement to the Face Serum, the Snowberry Smoothing Eye Serum has combined the wrinkle-reducing glycoprotein Antarcticine and the hexapeptide Argireline; the softening emollients Lingonberry, Inca Inchi and Grapeseed; the moisturising humectants hyaluronic acid and glycerine; and the protective antioxidants Vitamin E and Co Q10, and the wonderful extract from the fresh buds of organically certified Mountain Ash (Pyrus Sorbus Bed Extract) to stem puffiness and to strengthen and smooth the eye contour.


    Enhanced Formulation

    The new formulation has now been substantially enhanced:

    1. The muscle relaxing, anti-wrinkle peptide, Argireline, has been significantly increased (to its maximum permitted dosage!).
    2. The consistency has changed to a cream rather than a gel, thereby providing a softer formulation that absorbs into the eye contour more rapidly and completely.
    3. The new formulation has been further strengthened by the inclusion of more humectants to hydrate and refresh the skin; as well as Harakeke seed oil from Snowberry Gardens.
    4. It’s fragrance-free for the first time, due to changes in the source of some active natural ingredients.
    5. More importantly though, the Serum now contains powerful new ingredients that substantially boost the Serum’s known capability to support the skin around the eye.
    The new super ingredients, known as ‘L22,’ combines active extracts of Jojoba, Macadamia and Olive in such a way that the ingredient is an almost perfect match with the lipids in the skin of a typical, healthy young woman. Lipids are a critical component of the skin’s barrier but diminish naturally with age, and the addition of L22 means that the Smoothing Eye Serum is actively reinforcing the barrier at every use. This new benefit has been further enhanced with the addition of essential fatty acids, phytosterols and antioxidants derived from the pure Harakeke Oil produced in the Snowberry Gardens.

    Suitable for all skin types, apply one pump to fingertips and lightly tap around the eye area. Apply in the evening after cleansing. You will be glad you have, says Soraya.

    Read our blog post for more information on this product.






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    Smoothing Eye Serum 15ml (0.50 fl.oz.)
    Smoothing Eye Serum 15ml (0.50 fl.oz.)
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