• Intensive Renewal Face Serum with eProlex™ 35ml (1.18 fl.oz.)

    Intensive Renewal Face Serum with eProlex™ 35ml (1.18 fl.oz.)
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    ages: age 25+
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    This very high functioning, advanced formulation anti-ageing face serum has been proven by gold standard clinical trial in France. 

    But what makes this ‘Super Serum’ or Intensive Renewal Face Serum so special? Says Snowberry's Chief Scientist, Dr Travis Badenhorst - two things. First, the Serum contains a world-first peptide complex called eProlex™ developed over several years of intensive skin science research by Snowberry at the University of Auckland. Specifically designed to re-densify ageing skin as well as to help reduce lines and wrinkles, eProlex™ extends the peptide capability that resulted in Snowberry’s New Radiance Face Serum, being the only serum on earth, invited to be presented to the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology (and published in the prestigious international Journal of Aging Science (Badenhorst et al., J Aging Sci 2016, 4:3)

    The challenge for any anti-ageing skin care product, says Dr Badenhorst, is in being able to deliver the active ingredients that help to rebuild and strengthen the skin’s cellular matrix. Through several years of research, this is the world-first breakthrough that Snowberry has achieved with eProlex™.

    The second major anti-ageing component of the Intensive Renewal Face Serum is MASS (Multi-Active Skin Support System). MASS is a potent combination of the skin cell protection and rejuvenating Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), and Tocopherol (Vitamin E), combined with the potent natural anti-oxidant Ubiquinone and the deep hydrating humectant, Hyaluronic Acid.

    From a purely anti-ageing functionality perspective, Dr Badenhorst says there may not be another serum that compares, but then, the extraordinary benefits of the Intensive Renewal Face Serum don't end there! The superbly skin-compatible Macadamia Nut and Sunflower Seed Oils provide a luxurious skin-softening emollient base contributing to a highly skin-restorative balance of the essential fatty acids Omegas 3 and 6. In the words of Snowberry Founder Soraya Hendesi, "the Super Serum is what we've long striven for in authentic, anti-ageing capability. It really does smooth and clarify. But I must say that the Serum also feels absolutely gorgeous. It's just a heavenly treat for skin!" 

    Who is the Serum for?

    The Intensive Renewal Face Serum is the perfect anti-ageing serum for women (and men) age 25+, especially with sensitive skin; and when lines and wrinkles are becoming evident, and/or inflammation is a concern.  

    Proven by gold standard clinical trial at Dermscan, France, the Serum delivers the world-first Peptide Power Pack called eProlex™ , supported by MASS  to:

    • Re-densify ageing skin
    • Strengthen the epidermal basement membrane and so decrease skin sagging
    • Stimulate the skin’s natural collagen, elastin and glycan production and so smooth the skin
    • Reduce photo damage and inflammation and so increase skin radiance and improve skin tone
    • Increase skin hydration and plumping
    Product Tips:

    1. Rememer that no other product should be applied for at least 5 minutes after the Serum, to allow sufficient time for eProlex™ activation.

    2. While the Intensive Renewal Face Serum with eProlex™ has a broader anti-ageing capability, it does not supersede the New Radiance Face Serum with CuPEP™. The Serums share the highly effective skin-remodelling Copper Tripeptide-1 and both are proven by gold standard clinical trial. Ultimately, Snowberry customers who prefer the luxurious feel of an emollient serum will opt for the new Super Serum. But if budget is a concern and especially if the serum is to be used extensively on hands and legs as well as the face and décolletage, then the New Radiance Face Serum is a wonderful solution!

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    Intensive Renewal Face Serum with eProlex™ 35ml (1.18 fl.oz.)
    Intensive Renewal Face Serum with eProlex™ 35ml (1.18 fl.oz.)
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