Squeaky Clean = Premature Ageing


Is Your Cleanser Prematurely Ageing Your Skin?

This may come as a bit of a shock, but you may be paying to prematurely age your skin. How, you ask? By simply doing what you do every day, twice a day in fact… by cleansing your skin. 

Correct cleansing is the first critical step in avoiding the premature ageing of skin. 40% of women have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin may be genetic, but often becomes a condition – the outcome of years of use of poorly formulated cleansers. No serum or cream – however expensive and no matter the claims made, can fix skin persistently damaged by poorly formulated cleansers. 

By using strong foaming surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, or aggressive volatile alcohols such as Isopropyl and ethanol, your face might feel squeaky clean but that’s actually the last thing you want. Such harsh ingredients strip the skin’s protective ‘natural barrier’.

Healthy, youthful skin has what’s called a ‘natural barrier’, and that barrier is a combination of natural oils called lipids, and an ‘acid mantle’ which is an invisible blend of sweat and sebum, at exactly the right acidity or pH, to keep bad things out. Remove either part of this barrier and premature ageing will result. Symptoms of premature ageing include redness, irritation, increased sensitivity, brown spots and dryness.

Snowberry cleansers have been carefully formulated to avoid any possibility of causing damage to that precious skin barrier and contain only the finest ingredients to gently and naturally cleanse away impurities. Choose from our Gentle Cleanse and Tone Soft Foaming Cleanser or Instant Deep Cleansing Oil. Both can be used for all skin types and will leave the skin cleansed and beautifully soft and refreshed.

Choose your cleanser wisely. Read labels before buying, throw out those products that include harsh ingredients and make sure you get yourself a gentle, natural cleanser for healthy, glowing (and happy) skin.

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