Step 1 – always cleanse first!
A commonly overlooked but absolutely essential part of any skincare routine, proper cleansing will cleanse and refresh the skin, leaving it soft and ready for the next step. Snowberry offers two premium cleansing options in our online store.


What about a toner?

Over the years, toners have been hailed as necessary for a vast number of reasons from the need to remove residual makeup to rebalancing the skin’s pH after cleansing or to remove excess oil on the skin. Snowberry doesn’t make a second step toner and we don’t believe these are necessary, at least when using Snowberry cleansers. Both Snowberry’s two cleansing options will remove away the day’s dirt, grime and impurities without disrupting the skin’s natural pH and also without removing the essential oil and sebum of the skin’s natural barrier (something we actually want to leave in place and support!) and as a bonus, the Instant Deep Cleansing Oil will gently remove away all traces of makeup without the need for any second step cleansing or toning! Not only this, like cleansers, toners have the potential to cause real damage to the skin with the use of alcohols and astringents, so if you are using one, make sure to check out that ingredients list!

Step 2 – Exfoliation.

We recommend once or twice a week exfoliation depending on your skin type and requirements. There are many benefits of exfoliation. The most obvious is clearer, smoother and more radiant skin as old cells are replaced by new. It is often overlooked that the beneficial effects of serums and creams will be enhanced by removing the uneven build-up of dead cells and allowing better penetration of these products. 

 Step 3 – Serum (both face and eye).

The first product you apply after your cleanse (and exfoliation) should always be your serum. A serum is essentially designed as a delivery of active ingredients and these need to have no barrier between them and your skin in order to be most effective. In the case of our serums and our proprietary delivery systems, it is important to wait around 5 minutes before applying anything else onto the skin to ensure these peptide delivery systems have the time to work their way downwards into the skin. You can find Snowberry serums here.


Step 4 – Moisturise.

A moisturiser is designed primarily to hydrate the skin but in the case of Snowberry’s premium moisturisers, also contain ingredients to support and refresh the skin’s barrier function and fight free radical damage linked with early signs of aging leading to nourished, smoothed and hydrated skin. Read about the difference between a day and a night cream here, or head over and check out our moisturiser selection here.

 Step 5 – SPF.

We’ve previously described that we don’t offer a 2-in-1 SPF/moisturiser – but in case you missed it: we believe you’re going to be better hydrated and more protected with a two-step system. So after your moisturiser, it is time for sun protection. Our Everyday SPF is a 100% natural SPF which is lightweight and invisible on the skin and even better, goes very well under makeup! Read more about it here.

Step 6 – you’re ready, or ready to continue on with your makeup routine!

That’s it! Sometimes it can seem overwhelming with a cabinet full of products, but it needn’t be. Snowberry provides premium natural skincare, but importantly and as you can see here, it is uncomplicated! Whether you have dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, mature skin (and the list goes on!) this routine can be adapted simply to suit your needs. We always recommend a patch test of any new products (this applies to Snowberry or any other, natural or not) and if you need any specific skin advise, we love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at hello@apexbrands.co.nz and we can help.
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